Taps 30: fountain with a weak water flow

Another door lacking affordances

Despite all the hype around design new buildings still get doors with false affordances. The door looks completely the same at both sides while it opens to the outside only. This direction of opening door to the outside is mandatory for public buildings for safety reasons (think of evacuating the building). However, when I'm exiting the building I first follow the affordance of the handle (that invites pulling) only to realise I need to push it to the outside.

I wrote about a few good and bad examples: example #1, example #2, example #3 and example #4.

The smallest functional window without obvious purpose

There is a long hall (15 meters) at the uni with a glass roof (3 to 4 meters high) and automatic ventilation. In the middle of this hall is this small window without obvious purpose. It doesn't provide much light, it doesn't provide much air either (to the size of this hall). The only reason I can think of is to put people with claustrophobia at ease.

Parking machine interface steps in weird order

Do you remember the worse parking machine ever? This one is not so complicated. But the question is why change the order of steps? And why inserting coins is not a step? And why we have to kneel to operate it (is it meant for children who drive cars)?