Which way does this door open 2?

I already posted one bad and one good example of door handles. Here is another good one.

On this side the door needs to be pushed:

On this side the door has to be pulled:

The role of the second monitor - post-it notes board

Usually the second monitor is used for extending the desktop's real estate. Not in this example. In this office the extra monitor is used for post it notes.

The reason: if email is on the extra monitor, then less work gets done as the user keeps an eye on the arrived mail all the time. So more work gets done with the monitor turned off. And as the monitor is already there, the user uses it for post-it notes.

How to write non-English letters in my name

Well .. apparently there are many ways. My name is written like this 

Matjaž Kljun

But when the keyboard lacks special letters you can always compensate with other non English letters like my colleagues do

Mątjăz Kljún

Or like this

Mätjåz Kljũn

I suppose both are still better than Nat Jazz :)

Taps 24: separated push tap

This one was interesting to operate. Buttons need to be pressed and held down for water to flow. When one button is pushed in (e.g. right cold) only one hand can be washed. It is impossible to hold both buttons down and wash hands :). Mixing water is also not possible without plugging the sink (the plug is not there).

Showcase of a store with a price for the missing item

I suppose not the April fools day. Made me laugh nonetheless ... the first item on the list is a hat for 7€.