Add circle, logo, image or blur to video with Avidemux

I needed to add a red circle on a video to emphasize the content over a period of a few seconds. It turns out that this is fairly simple with Avidemux.

1. Create a PNG image of a circle with a transparent background (I did it in Gimp and its beyond this tutorial)
2. Open a video file in avidemux.
3. From the menu select Video -> Filter to open Video Filter Manager, then select Miscellaneous on the left and doubleclick on Logo (add a png as logo) on the right.
4. In new window select a logo file, enter X and Y positions in pixels from the top left corner, choose transparency (0 means fully transparent and 255 not) and click OK button.
5. Back on Video Filter Manager click on Partial button on the bottom of the window, in a new window enter the frames (which can be found out on the main video window) and click OK button.
6. Click on the Close button on the Video Filter Manager to return to the main video window and left to the video select the encoding type instead of default Copy.
7. Just re-save the video.

A logo can be added the same way, just don't use a partial filter (step 5) and alpha should be 255 (no transparency in step 4).

To blur a certain part of a video (square shaped), just use another filter instead (step 3): Mplayer delogo, enter the position and size of the blurred square/rectangle area.

To move an image (circle) together with the video (for example to follow the face of a person) use several Logo filters and adjust X and Y accordingly to each of them.

Taps 16: the wings

This one is nice. It is only possible to pull the handles towards yourself. No confusions on how to operate it.

I found another one of these

Is 56 mph a randomly selected speed limit for HGVs

It looks like a random number at first. Why 56? Why not 61 or 49?

Then I did some conversions and found out that 56 mph is 90km/h which is the speed limit for HGVs in continental Europe.
I also checked Wikipedia and confirmed my thoughts.

It looks funny though

Taps 15: joystick to play with

Another funny one. There was no hot water and the stick could be moved in all directions. The flow was controlled by the distance of the stick from the centre. There's no way to keep the water flowing without holding the stick?!? Maybe the designer(s) thought of the way to save the water, but it's useless. One can only wash one hand at the time.

Taps 14: a push me tap

This one needs instructions as well :). I first waved at it (I expected something similar to this tap) and then read that I need to push the button on the top.